The power of visibility to save the lives of sexually abused Black women.

Image is courtesy of Mike Von for Unsplash

There’s a freedom fighter in Texas on a mission to rescue the young Black women that are victims of sex trafficking. They are often hiding in plain sight. Some are ready for rescue, others are under the grip and haze of Stockholm Syndrome. Nevertheless, they are the lost daughters of the Lone Star state.

What’s important to remember here is this: the media has shut their stories out of the news cycle.

Black women have been historically and chronically positioned as “othered”. Our virtue and humanity are…

Black women in the U.S. have a net worth of $200 in the United States

Image courtesy of Kelly Fournier

This is unfortunate considering that Black women have the highest college enrollment rates compared to any other racial or ethnic group in the United States.

That statistic lets us know that education is not the great economic equalizer when it comes down to race.

So how can we change our net worth where it’s disconnected from the systemic racist systems that are designed to keep us out of the game (literally the game of wealth building, which is all it is when you break it…

Heyyy Carla! Thanks bunches for reading. I totally understand about those slumps. This freelancing life is such a journey and test to our resilience and confidence in ourselves. If you ever want to chat about this wild world of writing for a living, let me know :-) and yayyyy for Katy!!!

Joy Activist. Freelance Ghostwriter. Culture Journalist.

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“As a Black woman, I know that I’m the Sun and the Fire! Here to electric slide with my ancestors towards true liberation in this lifetime…”

I’m an intuitive storyteller that believes that all of us are pure magic. As a Black woman who writes for a living, it is part of my mission to guide readers towards cracking open and owning their inner alchemy.

Specifically, I’m a joy activist, freelance ghostwriter, and culture journalist. I write about holistic “soul-care” wellness, the bad-assery of Black womanhood, TV/Hip-Hop/Movies, social injustice, and sometimes about money (i.e. investing). My work is rooted in…

This rap legend has one proven rule for marketing success.

Image via Celebrity Net Worth

You may not think you have anything in common with rap legend, Percy Miller, also known as, Master P. He is the born and bred New Orleans rapper that launched No Limit Records in the 1990s that released a staggering 23 albums in 1998 alone, sold 15 million copies, and earned $160 million during the label’s heyday.

However, if you’re reading articles on marketing, then your either an entrepreneur that is in need of marketing magic or you are dreaming of being an entrepreneur who knows that one day you’ll…

Thank you soooo much for your kind words Rebecca! Yep! SAVAGE will stay a fave for a long time :-)

Megan Thee Stallion’s and Beyonce’s heavyweight bop is not just Grammy Gold.

Image courtesy of Click2Houston

“Hood, but I’m classy, rich, but I’m ratchet (Oh, ah)

Haters kept my name in they mouth, now they gaggin’ (Ah, ah)”

Two H-Town girls representin’ as self-proclaimed the “baddest chick(s) in the game” will forever find a stan in me. I’m currently an H-Town girl by way of Harlem via Dallas, Texas and ‘SAVAGE’ by Megan Thee Stallion and Beyonce shot an arrow to my heart the first time I heard their hypnotic masterpiece.

The ‘SAVAGE’ remix was the finest hip-hop collab of 2020 (I dare you to argue with me on this). As we enter the next year…

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