What Master P Can Teach You About Marketing

This rap legend has one proven rule for marketing success.

Identify EXACTLY who your PEOPLE are from day one.

You’re “people” are your ideal clients or customers who have a specific problem that you can efficiently solve for them. Marketing and to a degree, selling, is simply just sharing solutions to pesky problems to your target audience on a regular basis.

Instead of:

My ideal client is a senior citizen who wants to stay in shape.

Try this for a client persona:

Regina is 70 years old who has osteoporosis that desires to tone her body and get stronger bones in order to better manage her condition.

“Once you develop an audience, you take everything you’ve got and milk it.” — Master P

As you move forward this year during your entrepreneurship journey, when your feeling stuck on how to market your solutions to your target audience, just ask yourself: what would Master P do?

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